Cash demands cause controversy
BY wangxingwei from 21st Century
Published 2019-09-19
A college student’s demand for higher living expenses has caused debate among Chinese people. CFP

How much money should I spend each month? This is asked by college students at the start of every semester, and it’s become a hot topic of discussion following a controversial online post.

The post was about a female college student who sought 4,500 yuan for monthly living expenses from her mom, reported China Daily.

In the post, this new college student explained that her school is in a top-tier city and that her expenses included skin-care products and new clothes. Her mother did not agree and “only” gave her 2,000 yuan.

The post started some heated debate. Some people came to her defense, saying that college students need money not only for survival, but also for entertainment, socializing, improving their image and attending training courses.

However, Wang Chaoyang, a university student, believes this is too much money. “In some cities, a parent may only earn a monthly salary of 4,000 or 5,000 yuan,” he told CCTV News.

According to a 2019 report by website Wacai, students in 15 cities spent more than 1,500 yuan a month on average. Beijing topped the list at 2,400 yuan, and Shanghai followed close behind at 2,300 yuan.

It’s not rare to hear about students asking for excessive amounts of money from their parents, reported Workers’ Daily, citing irrational consumption habits.

For example, some students insist on buying Dyson vacuum cleaners for their dormitories instead of common brooms. Others demand Apple laptops to study at Starbucks, instead of going to the library.

“The consumption of some students has exceeded the basic needs, and they seek extravagant and conspicuous consumption,” commented Workers’ Daily.

Chen Feng, a middle school teacher with more than 100,000 followers on Sina Weibo, wrote that college students must have financial responsibility and make budgets.

That opinion is shared by Meng Jingjing, a student from Hubei University of Medicine.

“College students should learn how to manage wealth,” she told Hubei-based news website CNHubei.

“It’s not for making money but for improving the ability of money management and preparing for the future, as they will enter society and work soon after graduation,” she added.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Xingwei AND Luo Sitian)
Sought  尋求
Top-tier  一線的
Came to her defense  替她辯護
Excessive  過度的
Irrational consumption  非理性消費
Vacuum cleaners  吸塵器
Extravagant  奢侈的
Conspicuous  炫耀的